#1 Hello



Welcome to the first installment of my new project AudioGraham.  I’ve titled this first sound “Hello”, because, well.. that’s how you greet new and old friends.I photographed Ugochi, Thaione Davis, Kaiji, Ugly and Pugs Atomz. They were a pleasure to have in front of my lens and its even more of a pleasure to share some of their music with you. Beautifully blended by DJ Sean Alvarez.








UgochiUgochi’s music takes you on a ride around the world. She is a  little bit Afrobeat mixed with a little bit of Chicago.  Ugochi’s music is soulful, jazzy and poetic.  Her music is an international delight. You can find more of Ugochi music by going here

Thaione Davis

Thaione DavisHip Hop is a lifestyle. Being an MC is  a lifestyle and this is the music of Thaione Davis. Listening to him I’m reminded of why I love hip hop in the first place. Its cool, effortless and complex all at the same time. Listen and learn more about Thaione Davis here

Kaiji (In Stereo)

Kaji Laidback and classy ,Kaiji  is my type of woman, she has a very laid back matter of fact approach to her lyrics where she shares her relatable view points on life and the industry. Check out more from Kaiji work  here

U.G.L.Y. Boy Modeling

U.G.L.Y. is an amalgamation political and social critique ,hip hop beats  and electronic music. His lyrics are hilarious and theatrical. When I check out a U.G.L.Y show I know its about to fun time overload. See more about U.G.L.Y. here

Pugs Atomz

Colorful and vivid are the words that comes to mind when I listen to a Pugs Atomz track.Simple and energetic i feel like I’m involved in an everyday diary of a kid that’s into everything art.  Go here to get more details about Pugs.

Sean Alvarez

Sean AlvarezSean is the go to DJ when looking for a fresh and innovative approach to music. He plays it all  deep house, afro heat and of course hip hop.I never leave the dance floor when he is playing. Find out more about Sean here

Enjoy! Also, please tweet me or send me a message  and let me know how you’re enjoying the music and the work.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you.